4 great reasons to invest in Sportt


Today, there are thousands of athletes around the country and the world who find it difficult to get sponsorship and promotion. In addition to thousands of investors and companies looking for a great talent, is to support the career of this athlete or offer you a sponsorship. We want to change that!

This channel is for all athletes – amateur, professional and technical. In it, you shall have the tools to publicize their work, and have a closer relationship with sponsors. Sponsors and entrepreneurs will have greater proximity to the athletes and young talents of the sport.

A social network for the right time sport in the world, with major events taking place around the world and growing sports such as soccer in the United States and China, all if it becomes a great opportunity to facilitate the promotion of talent to companies interested in invest in sports.


How this will work?


  • Ensure your future safely
  • access relevant people
  • Build a consistent account
  • Find opportunities with projects that will receive funding

Clubs and League

  • Dissemination of their athletes
  • Buying and selling of athletes
  • exposure Trading in advertising
  • Discover new talent
  • Get exclusive information with athlete
  • Promove your championchip

Company and Business

  • Find athletes to sponsor
  • Get exclusive and customized information
  • Follow the athlete’s career that supports
  • Find new opportunities
  • Promote your profile as supporter

Digital Advertising

Investment hiring with digital service, with the athlete’s image exposure on social media or online advertising.


Are you interested in being investor of this project and collaborate with the growth of Sportt? Contact us and learn how you can help us.

Note: The Sportt this under development and will soon be available.

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