Crisis in Brazilian football

chrisis Brazil

What is a crisis in football for executives of Brazilian clubs?
While FIFA sinks misuse processes of money and other indications, the Brazilian executives are astonished as if this was the crisis in what should worry. This crisis even under the nose of each of them, or best of each of us. This at the base and essence of the administration of a club, developing talent and producing athletes for the international market.
It’s easy to divert the eyes to the problems of “mother ship”, which was already a Brazilian ship, the difficult is to accept that we must assume that we are on the wrong track.
A country of Pele, Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho losing its essence of love of football, getting love vanity, fashion clothes, different women, parties and enjoyment as the basis of success. All the individualism of the merit of a team that has been respected.
While all this happens, we see leagues such as the Bundesliga and MLS gaining strength, to remember that it was alloys that five years ago were not even remembered. Now these are the alloys that give examples of box office and organization of their championships. With executives who see football as a company and not entertainment alone. These executives that dictate the order of how to build a club with a sustainable income, one step at a time, dreaming with your feet on the ground.
All this example we watching cabin and maybe running behind a prejudice than 10 years of lack of organization, watching traditional clubs going bankrupt as Guarani and Portuguese. Watching big clubs coming into interminable debt, the Brazilian justice forgive, after all this forgiveness comes as a way to keep intertido people.
Next year we will see a Paulista Championship with a new sponsor that will not be cited by a station, plus a Brazilian Championship without emotion and grace, sponsored by those same?
After all the point is to follow the Champions League supported by red stars. After all, the country wants to stop these champio-nships and not by Brazilian and São Paulo championships. And do not be surprised if tomorrow watching MLS and rooting for an American team.

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