Transform a passion for Sport in Business


What we want is always approach this passion of fans the consumer life.

Customized project planning for companies that want to connect their brands to the values ​​of sport. We identified great opportunities for new investments and prepare strategies to maximize results.

Developing marketing tools and relationship of sports clubs and associations with their fans.

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The most important factor in any trip is to know where you are going.

  • Sponsorship in sports: teams and tournaments
  • Sporting events
  • Social Networking Management
  • CRM relationship with fans
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Media Planning
  • Mapping Influencers

We have a rule when it comes to content creation: develop good content, it makes a difference to be shared.

  • Website and Landing Page
  • Brand Content
  • Infographics
  • Video Production
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Online communication pieces
  • Advertising and actions in clubs apps

We involve our clients with their consumers or users to create immersive and memorable experiences.

  • Brand management in sports
  • Athletes image management
  • Promotional actions and activation.
  • Influencers hiring
  • Media and campaign on Google and Facebook
  • Retargeting

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