How would be the Pokémon GO in SuperStar Soccer or FIFA format and design


It may sound crazy, but imagine a style game Pokémon Go only instead of capturing Pokémon, signing (hire) players! Imagine walking through neighborhoods, courts, soccer fields and Stadium comb is Ronaldinho, Pele, Ibrahimović, or even the “master” Alejo, but remember Alejo?

The football is a sport most acclaimed, disputed by addicts for PES 2017 or FIFA 2017, could now be played on the streets, parks, fields and stadiums. Imagine a day of soccer where the biggest concern is the dispute within the application and not the game that is taking place. In this new world of Virtual and Mediated Reality, how could we create a new way to play a game? Creating this immersion into the world of business and integrated into the sport. We consider that any game developed for Personal Screen (mobile), is a market that is more than $ 27 billion to explore and still is booming.

Pesquisa Newzoo 2016 Global Games Market

Pesquisa Newzoo 2016 Global Games Market

HOW WOULD THE NEW SUPERSTAR SOCCER OR FIFA Redeeming the emotional value of old game server with the new brand. Use of new technologies and platform to engage this audience, of passionate soccer game. So it would be the first soccer game with Mediated Reality, where each user can go after your players, build your own team.

Imagem Ilustrativa.

Imagem Ilustrativa.


YOU LOVE SOCCER? I STOPPED IS WHY? Explore cities and locations near you, and even around the world, to hire as many athletes as possible. As you explore the real world, your smartphone will vibrate to alert you that is close to a great player.

The map is your main view during the game, based on the real map of streets and paths where you’re going. The map contains a wealth of information that will be extremely useful when exploring. Always centered on the map. Use it to find the Stadiums, fields, the players location near you and much more!

imagem ilustrativa

imagem ilustrativa

KEEP AWARE THE LEGENDS, called FIELDS training sites, indicating where you can find an athlete. Not always find an athlete in training center or football fields, but the odds are quite large. Athletes may be in places such as public parks and recreational areas. So get out to the street and walk a little more to find a great athletes!


Hire the most athletes to get more points and increase your level as Technical!
Each contract corresponds to the allocation of points according to the level of athletes that this hiring. You can hire football players who have marked the history, he thought about hiring Pelé, Zico, Zidane, Messi, Maradona and Ronaldinho.




There is a wide variety of challenges that reward available different achievements, such as the number of athletes who hired and the distance traveled. By completing these challenges, you can unlock medals that will appear on your profile. Try to unlock as many medals as you can!


You can select any player who has in his reserve bench to play on penalties, every goal will increase your score and player skill. Each time you win the player who wants to hire, get the athlete to his cast.

When you are an athlete and plays the character, the screen switches to the perspective in first person with the athlete in front, after choosing the athlete will use to dispute. Use the touch again to start the penalty shootout. Several factors affect your chances of not winning the penalties of an athlete, the skill level can interfere with the performance of the dispute. In this case the penalty goalkeeper will be chosen by the competitor.


Each team will have a gunner and assistant, the higher the number of goals and assists, the greater the athlete’s points and consequently the technical score.
Album stickers: One of the game’s goals is to hire at least one of each athlete. The sticker album will keep a record of all the athletes who has seen and she has hired.
Characteristics of Athlete: The different characteristics of an athlete will be important during the penalty disputes or Soccer games. Each athlete will have a football field level, which may increase according to the number of entries in games, penalty kicks and training.



Imagem Game PES 2016 – Konami

imagem game Fifa Mobile EA Sports

imagem game Fifa Mobile EA Sports



Imagem PES 2016 – Konami

Imagem FIFA Ea Sports

Imagem FIFA Ea Sports

The soccer stadiums, will be the points of dispute in championships, where users will duel with his team and his play (avatars), with a normal football match. Only in stadiums and football teams training center, the full game football dispute will be allowed or Penalty, maximum time of 5 minutes.


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