Soccer Classic in the Digital World: Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, United States, China and Colombia.


The classic match in Soccer are not only in the match game, they are present in the digital world, and I’m not talking about video game! The numbers of users of the growth in websites of clubs, is of great relevance to the brand’s growth strategy, as well as content development strategy that helps strengthen brand recall and relevant keywords for SEO strategy.

With that thought, we developed the Digital Classic, based on the average access on the websites of clubs and amount of searches the word regarding the brand has on Google. Essential parameters to define which clubs are well positioned in the digital world.

This first Digital Classic use the data for the month of August 2016, the major classics of football in Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, United States, China, Colombia.

1º Classic is the Spanish between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid
Well played almost a data mirroring. The Real Madrid side a very large influence of the Colombian public, thanks to its athlete James Rodriguez. Now FC Barcelona the work of internationalization of the brand in the United States, is starting to make a big difference.


2º Classic is the English  between Manchester United and Manchester City
With absolute leadership of Manchester United, with an impressive number of visitors month and Google searches. A highlight for Manchester City with an interesting Brazilians public .


3º Classic is the Italian between Juventus and Inter Milan
Disputed classic brand with an advantage in recent years Juventus, who reached the final of the Champions League.


4º Classic is the German between Bayer Munich and Borussia
As it comes to the memory of dispute brand on Google, Bayer stands out too much, now with the brilliant work of Borussia makes digital marketing, makes have a great result number of visitors on your website.


5º Classic is the French between PSG and Lyon
Even with the great result of PSG brand awareness on Google and access to the site, Lyon is nothing shame with large numbers of access to the site. We’re talking about teams with huge investment gap.


6º Classic is the Portuguese between Benfica and Porto
As it comes to the brand in Google remembrance dispute, Benfica stands out a lot, but it does not take away the merit of Port visitor conversion work, especially for the Brazilian public presence following the time.


7º Classic is the Brazilian between Corinthians and Palmeiras
This dispute and in the field is always balanced, two clubs that stand with digital marketing actions and conversion of users to the site. The Google brand awareness reflects the momentum of both teams in international and national championships. Especially the Japanese public that accompany Palmeiras and public Portuguese accompanying Corinthians.


8º Classic is the Argentinian between River Plate and Boca Juniors
As it comes to brand recall dispute in Google, Boca Juniors stands out too much, now in converting users to the site River Plate takes the best. Both with numbers next to the largest Brazilian clubs.


9º Classic is the Colombian between Atletico Nacional and Deportivo Cali
Not only for the current Libertadores champion, Atletico Nacional has a brand awareness on Google and number of users of conversions to the site, much larger than the Deportivo Cali. Both teams have a public representative and Brazilians.


10º Classic is the American from New York City and New York Red Bulls
The masters at creating strong sports categories, Digital and Sports larger reference marketing, are still growing in the conversion work of digital users to football. Undoubtedly, with huge growth potential. Redbulls excels in brand awareness, which has great collaboration of the positioning of energy mark. But the New York has more visitors on the site, particularly the number of Brazilians who accompany the team.


11º Classic is the most Chinese of Guangzhou Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG
Good to note the growth of Chinese football these last years, but especially the Evergrande in brand recall on Google and number of accesses to the site. Brazilian public has great representative for Shanghai, the high number of athletes on the team.


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