Digital Strategy Football Confederations and Associations in the World


We are used to analyze the clubs work to strengthen your brand, give the best conditions for the team to win championships and reach their field goals. Now, how are working the Confederations and Associations in the Football? The analyses below shows how much is still in growth of digital marketing, most countries are still structure websites and navigation of the past decade, are content only with up to date content.

Another factor to consider is that more than 70% of the institutions are not concerned with users, who do not speak the native language of the country, with no option of a universal language like English. We did an evaluation of the website and e-commerce Confederations/Associations in various countries around the world. Rafael Leitão who is expert in Digital Design, specializing in Marketing and Communication, experience in sports and e-commerce market developed this analysis. It took into consideration several relevant characteristics to the success of e-commerce.

1. Netherlands KNVB  

holanda-website-knvb2.  Argentine AFA

argentina-AFA- Website

3. France FFF


4. Germany DFB


5. Italy FIGC


6. United States – US Soccer

us-soccer-website7. England The FA

inglaterra-thefa-websiteBrazil CBF


Follow below as was the search result: 

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