Olimpique Lyonnais is a great reference in Digital Strategy and E-commerce


Olimpique Lyonnais is one of the greatest football teams of France. In Brazil who does not remember Juninho Pernambucano, who has a great history of champions in the club. In addition to a big club and representing in the fields, does a great job in digital marketing planning, with a team focused on digital innovation, even if that innovation is the institutional club website or e-commerce.





Recently, Olympique Lyonnais made the launch of the new e-commerce, which has not been evaluated in search analyses of the Best E-commerce Soccer Clubs in the World by Sportt” but by far one of the best e-commerce category. When we think of France, think of a very strong question that is the design, the French are the major references in this area. Analyzing the work that Lyonnais in digital plataform, both on the website and e-commerce categories:

• User Experience

• Brand Experience

• Access to Product Portfolio

• Available languages

• Number of Access and Bounce Rate

We arrived at very positive results, see the details of the previous points. User Experience The website and e-commerce has a very simple and straightforward navigation, without leaving aside what is best, the design, the phrase “less is more” makes total sense for the French, and use the “icons” to help public navigation, it works with people who have not mastered the language of the site, find what they are looking for. The e-commerce colors and website design perfectly, follow the glide of the club, when browsing, it is clear that is in the world OL. Featured divisions and the well separate content and follows a well coherent sequence. The store button, appears twice in the hottest area of ​​the site, top, valuing the sales conversion.

Brand Experience

Perfect use of the mark, constant impact of the logo and club colors. Explore all content club, especially pictures of players. With unique design, adds value to the brand image, giving a touch of innovation, technology and premium.

Access to Product Portfolio

Access to the product portfolio is always by 1 click, it decreases the% bounce rate of the page. With a clean and objective navigation club maximizes every sales conversion. Very clear product category division and well divided, with great support with icons. Available languages It has only two languages ​​to navigate the website and e-commerce, French and English, even though it has a small representation of Spanish on the site, 1.5% in the last month. This is a point to be evaluated by the club.

Number of Access and Bounce Rate

The website access number is high averaging 1M per month, e-commerce with 94K access, with bounce rate too high between website 35% to e-commerce 40%. The average conversion between website and e-commerce is 10%, which compared to other e-commerce category is great. Thinking 56K (94K-40% bounce rate) is the number of people interested in buying the products in e-commerce, a very positive final average sales conversion would be 7% (3920) and the average ticket of e-commerce is $ 60, we can get an approximate number of $ 235.200 billing month (benchmarket). The final evaluation of e-commerce and the digital strategy of the club Olimpique Lyonnais, is of note 9 stars.

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