Football Clubs in the World with the Greatest presence of Brazilian Digital


We know that the number of access to digital media is growing every year, this is reflected in the number of digital marketing initiatives clubs. We brazilians are passionate about football, you can be anywhere in the world, regardless of the championship are there in front of the TV.

We fell in love and easily adopt teams championships in the Premier League, Lega Serie A, LaLiga, Primeira Liga, Chinese Super League, Liga Colombiana and Argetina Primeira Division too (even if it is hard to admit).


Source: Repucom. Unruly Media, Facebook & Twitter information

Now, as these clubs are preparing to receive you Brazilian who speaks Portuguese, who has an interest in following news, watch videos, share content, interact with the team, buy shirt or sports equipment of the club. All right, financially nobody makes a great effort to 20 people, but 200,000 potential customers, it makes a difference.

As the bill clubs after winning his audience, after sales of official products have great representation. The final conversion of this lead, which is already engaged and often at the end of the conversion funnel, what to do with them? E-commerce, MarketPlace, Video Exclusive Content, Live Marketing, Virtual Reality and thousands of other things that many clubs are already doing, but how to create a conversion strategy for partners in Brazil. This is the challenge that clubs like FC Barcelona and Manchester City are facing the internationalization of brands.

When we think of teams that have the largest number of Brazilians visiting in the site, so you think you can be FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Manchester United, Benfica and PSG.

Here are the clubs that get higher average Brazilians accessing the site are:

Manchester City of England, Shanghai East Asia China, FC Porto Portugal, SSC Napoli Italy, Sevilla Spain, Boca Juniors Argentina, Chivas  Mexico, Atletico Nacional Colombian.


Research Digital Sportt with Singular Web – 09/2016.

One thing that draws much attention, is the sheer volume of users that Manchester City has Brazilians accessing the site. Already Sevilla FC is one that dawns with representative volume of 6.95%.

Some of the results are a reflection of brazilian players of numbers representing the team, but we can highlight the Manchester City that besides having brazilians, does a brilliant job of engaging the Brazilian public, with digital marketing actions that go beyond a simple website.

You have already registered on their site?


Brazilians who follow Major League Soccer

Note the number of teams Major League Soccer MLS which has a significant presence of Brazilians.

Clubs such as Orlando City, New York City, Philadelphia Union, Houston Dynamo, Columbus Crew, New England Revolution and Portland Timbers.


Research Digital Sportt with Singular Web – 09/2016.

 I believe the first step is to work well the first public users of the same country, but inevitable that at some point will have to plan how to work the audience abroad.

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