LaLiga is “Brazillian” League: The Success League in Brazil

Infographic LaLiga Brazil

The Spanish Football League “LaLiga”, which hosts the world’s biggest football stars, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, as well as dozens of players of different nationalities, is broadcast in 198 countries, bringing together 42 teams from the first and Second division, is planning the internationalization of the league in Brazil, a country with sufficient numbers to justify the focus.

In addition to LaLiga’s plans to strengthen its brand in Brazil, Banco Santander joins this strategy, which has been reinforcing since it began its sponsorship with Libertadores da América. Below I present the infographic that I developed with all the main insights that relate LaLiga to Brazil, demonstrating several opportunities for sponsorship, strengthening of the brand through the digital channel and social media, integration of actions with the broadcasting (ESPN and FOX Sports) in Brazil, marketing actions in Partnership with Santander Brasil and more.


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