Chelsea FC – Digital and E-commerce Strategy Analyses


I developed an analysis of Chelsea FC‘s digital marketing and e-commerce strategy, as the club works on this strategy and has been standing out in this model to add revenue to the club.

WEBSITE has direct conversion to e-commerce, design follows the brand platform, there is a break in the browsing experience between Nike’s website and e-commerce, totally different design. In addition to having an outdated, bloated and objectively structured structure and design, it prioritizes news and content.

Website has a bad navigation structure and design, with a lot of content. Great Highlights categorization hierarchy. Make good use of the club’s visual identity and aspirational photos.

The e-commerce with design focused on brand experience. Usability and navigation starting by categories, with less focus on products, offers a variety of product categories, and the aim of navigation and design.

Analysis developed without commercial interest, with the purpose of studying and academic, in order to share the model of evaluation of digital maturity of the clubs. It does not represent the club’s vision and has no confidential information, all are data open.

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