Paris Saint Germain grows seven positions as the most beloved team in Brazil


IBOPE Repucom has just consolidated the first results of the DNA Torcedor 2017research, a study that mapped the profile and habits of Brazilian fans. The survey heard over 6,000 people across Brazil between June and August. One of the most outstanding topics is the interest in international football – the institute asked which clubs, among 55 national teams and 38 other foreign teams, the Brazilians are enthusiastic or sympathetic as the second team of the heart. Within the portion of the population that declared foreign clubs, the five most cited were European.

The foreign teams that win the greatest affection of the Brazilian fans are the Spaniards Barcelona and Real Madrid, who lead with great advantage to the third placed. Manchester United were also in the top five. With the Europa League title visible, Manchester United were in the top 5 of the June wave, but lost positions in the following months and gave way to Premier League champion Chelsea FC, which came to appear among the 5 clubs most cited in the periods of July and August.

The Champions League final also brought visibility to Juventus from Italy. The Turin team, who played two of the last three finals of the tournament, was in the top five on the wave in June. Bayern Munich also stands out as they remain among the most cited teams by Brazilians who have stated they hope to win a foreign club as their second team at heart.

The arrival of Neymar Jr. was a predominant factor for the surprising rise of PSG in the ranking of the most popular foreign clubs among Brazilians. After the official announcement and presentation of the player, the French team, who was in 10th place in the wave of July, jumped seven positions and figured in the top 3 in August.

Foreign clubs stand out as a second team at heart by factors such as organization and high technical level of the tournaments, the growing offer of game broadcasting and the digitization of the sport, which allows fans to follow clubs from anywhere in the world. All these points contribute to the Champions League being highly globalized and a true selection of the best players on the planet, which certainly increases the interest for the competition which, according to DNA Fan survey, is the second international tournament of clubs with greater volume of interest among the Brazilian fans, behind only the Libertadores of America. With the exception of PSG, the most cited teams have played two finals or been Champions of the Champions League in the last ten years.

Source: IBOPE Repcuom – DNA Torcedor 2017

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