20 ways to achieve digital transformation [infographic]


ITBusiness.ca has been helping enterprises onto the digital transformation wagon for some time, but one consultant wants to help the non-profit sector learn what it has to gain from hitching a ride too.

For her research study “The New Reality,” London, England-based digital transformation consultant Julie Dodd interviewed more than 50 senior leaders and digital experts from inside and outside the sector, building a case for digital transformation by explaining the way it can benefit a company’s executive team, office culture, and service delivery, among other factors.


“Digital technology has changed the way we live in everything from music consumption to dating, but despite numerous small innovations, it has yet to fundamentally change the way that most not-profit sector organisations deliver their services or run their businesses,” Dodd writes on her website. “This study seeks to identify the catalysts to generate change, and to remove the barriers that are blocking a seismic shift in how the sector operates.”

While the study can be read in full on Dodd’s website, companies simply seeking to learn how they can implement digital transformation can make use of the following infographic, which divides Dodd’s insights into 20 handy tips. Click for a full version.



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