Great market opportunity with esports for brand and sponsorship actions


The eSports market will have 385 million unique players worldwide, followed by revenue of $696 million. According to research firm focused on Games Newzoo, this number can support $1.5 billion by the year 2020. Only for a new notion or Brazil is the third country (behind the United States and China) with more players today with 11.4 million people without eSports, being 50% of the audience in Latin America and 23.7 million people.

Several brands are already investing in punctual actions linked to the games category. Football clubs are equipped with the Santos, Corinthians, Flamengo, PSG, Manchester City, FC Schalke 04 and Dynamo Kiev softball software, all of which manage to make a profit during financial and strategic difficulty.

Many brands are thinking about how to sponsor or develop eSports-related actions, for lack of understanding of how it works and active in the brand in the modality, ends up causing a certain fear of wasting your investment for a brand, miss the gigantic occasion that I will cite no sporting event. However according to the publication of the portal Meio e Mensagem when consulting the Esports Global Market Report, the expected is that they have invested $517 million in marketing and advertising, sponsorship and rights to broadcast games in the year 2017.


Reference of the great marketing action – Coca Cola with FIFA 18


“Do we know how much exposure of a brand within the game can bring financial return to the company?”

“Do you believe that football clubs and their sponsors know how important their brands are on these platforms?”

“Do you know of research companies that deliver this type of information, in order to increase the number of sponsors on this platform?”

This potential is a very little explored “gold mine”, when well used it has a very convincing power of sponsors and brands to invest in eSports.

Several games already have brands with great evidence, others already have brands that are part of the context, such as sports games such as FIFA and NBA.

“Do you know what benefit a brand that sponsors a great football club gets, by being exposed on these digital platforms (games) and offline (game covers, magazines, TV game coverage)?”

To try to have a dimension, with the example of the Real Madrid club and its main sponsor to Fly Emirates, stamps the main space of the shirt that by facility still accompanied by a white uniform.

The club is an absolute highlight at the launch of the last FIFA 18, with the great exposure of the brand and its main player Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid became cover, is part of the design of various screens and video. Besides being one of the most chosen teams for its exhibition, number of fans, best team in score and performance.

Who plays knows that the beginning of the game is mandatory to participate in a match with Real Madrid versus Atletico Madrid, great momentum. All this, is a detail in the time of exposure of the Fly Emirates brand during the match that in average lasts 10 minutes, in several platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, PC and App, all generators and indirect drivers of the mark.

Think of it, we’re talking about that the brand impacts about 42 million users only in FIFA 18, through the console, 26 million through the mobile version (year 2017), with a detail of growth of 12% more users playing FIFA Ultimate Team, according to financial results from EA Games, a model that keeps a user with more time playing and boosts brand exposure in the game.

Benchmark – If a user plays 3 games a day with 10 minutes per game, 7 days a week, we’ll have a possible total brand exposure for game users of more than 459 billion minutes out of 42 million users.





An impressive number when viewing only FIFA 18 on the console, not including other platforms and competitors such as PES 18, all add to an even greater exposure of sponsoring brands and football clubs around the world.

In this way, do you believe that investing in the GAMES platform is an advantage or not?

See below EA Games financial reporting with your products. Source used to understand the size of the opportunity in this segment:

• Revenue from digital products * closed with a record $ 3.375 billion, an increase of 18% over the same period of the year, representing 67% of total net reserves in the same period.
• The FIFA community has grown to almost 42 million players, only on the console, during the calendar year.
• FIFA Mobile added 26 million players to the total player base in the quarter.
• The FIFA Ultimate Team player base grew 12% over the previous year, from launch to the end of the quarter.

* Net reserves are defined as the net quantity of products and services sold digitally or physically sold in the period. Net reserves are calculated by adding the total net revenue to the change in net deferred revenue for online enabled games.

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